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Stay Weird & Shine On


We created these polarized yellow Revo lens sunglasses in honor of a beefcake amongst men: Randy Savage. If he were here today, the Macho Man himself would agree that nobody bags an OTPHJ by playing it safe. And the only thing safe about these Macho Man Randy Savage sunglasses are their Revo lenses and polarized finish. Other than that, they're a liability on your face.

The Macho Man was no stranger to liability. During his come-up, he would bet other wrestlers that he could beat them in a real fight after the main event. One opponent even pulled a gun, but Savage disarmed him and proceeded to pummel his face. That's the kind of big dick energy these Macho Man Randy Savage sunglasses provide.

Product Details

  • Revo Lenses
  • Hides 100% of dark circles
  • Not Oakley goggle sunglasses
  • Versatile: These babies double as 80s sunglasses and ski sunglasses
  • Designed by Anna P. in Boulder, Co.


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