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Stay Weird & Shine On


In the words of Bob Swerski, da Bears ain't gonna take da win without a quick pit stop at da home of da baby back rib, Ditka's Restaurant. What does that have to do with tortoise green aviator sunglasses? Nothing, except Mike Ditka would be pretty stoked to find out we referenced him in one of our product descriptions, we might end up with a multimillion dollar contract and da Bears might actually win a Superbowl. You're welcome, Mike.

If you are Mike Ditka, email and we'll send ya these classic green aviators free of charge and a pound of Polish sausage.  

Product Details

  • Scratch resistant, polarized dark green Revo lenses 
  • Triacetate cellulose lens provides almost over 100% UV protection
  • Material- metal frames, polycarbonate brow 
    bar, brown foam comfort tubing around the ear
  • Designed by Anna in Boulder, CO
  • Brand: Shinesty 


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