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The other day when I was going through my parent's old photos I found an album called “Daiquiri Factory at Billy’s, 1984.” While I can’t exactly talk about what I saw in that album, I can tell you one thing, EVERYONE had on fleece jackets like this men's Aztec fleece. My parents, the bartender, the dancers dressed in weird chipmunk costumes, the saxophone quartet playing music, the chick smashing a wall with a hammer, even the guys that turned out to be undercover cops and bust the whole party (what I’m assuming from the pictures at least), had on these friggin’ jackets. The ringleader of it all, Billy, rocked a version oddly similar to the Ultra-soft fleece jacket you see. I only hope that one day I can attend an event like your ‘84 Daiquiri Factory, Billy, wherever you are.

Product Details

  • Unisex, fits big, 100% polyester
  • Lightweight, perfect for layers
  • Chest and side pockets for storage and warmth
  • Button down with lined cuffs, pockets, and collar
  • Brand: Free Nature


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