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Before I get into this Joker party suit, let me tell you a little story.

Last week I was watching the Dark Knight as I do once a month for sobriety purposes. Well, my roommate just installed these massive speakers and needless to say that Academy Award winner was like 30 decibels in my living room; pure bliss. 5 minutes later my neighbor is knocking telling me it's "too loud" and the "kids are trying to sleep". So I slammed the door in his face and proceeded to watch Heath Ledger swindle the living hell out of an entire city. Long story short, if I would have been wearing this purple and green joker suit, my neighbor would have moved out instead of sending the cops to my door for a "noise complaint", to which I didn't slam the door because they told me they would arrest me if I did... 

Product Details

  • Slim fit, we suggest ordering a size up if you're swole af
  • Material: 100% Polyester, 200% Awesome
  • Model is wearing size US 40 Jacket and 32" Waist Pant
  • Suit includes sport coat jacket, dress pants, and tie
  • Brand: Opposuits


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