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Stay Weird & Shine On


We're changing the face of the bike sport industry forever. Introducing the teal and black Machos, the only 80's ski sunglasses that aren't limited to ridin' bumps on the slopes. Stop by your local Goodwill, pick up a pair of bike shorts and a skin-tight bike shirt, throw on these Randy Savage sunglasses and you're cycling sport speed will accelerate from 40mph to 100fps, regardless of how you're sporting. In the words of swimming superstar Lance Armstrong, "Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever."


Product Details

  • Revo Lenses
  • Hides 100% of dark circles
  • Polarized
  • Not Oakley goggle sunglasses
  • Adjustable arms - pull those suckers hard to get desired length
  • Versatile: These babies double as 80s sunglasses and ski sunglasses
  • Designed by Anna P. in Boulder, Co.


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