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For far too long, this copywriter’s girlfriend has demanded we create a snowflake adorned Christmas dress and matching snowflake suit. In a sad desperate move to hold onto a crumbling relationship, I lobbied internally to get this done. Yes, I feel pathetically guilty about tricking my colleagues into creating these products. No, it did not save my relationship, but perhaps it can save yours. Raise the white flag. This one goes out to all the guys out there whose significant others have complete control over wardrobe choices. Good night and good luck.

Product Details

  • 82% polyester 18% spandex with 4 way stretch so leave the Spanx in the drawer
  • Reversible neckline: you can wear it with either a low scoop-neck style neckline or high boat-neck style neckline, so you can choose either sassy or classy. 
  • Skirt falls just above knee 
  • Brand: Shinesty
  • Designed by: Allie T.


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