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This silver one-piece swimsuit is not just for the pool. It's a rave bodysuit. It's a base layer for your clubbing outfit. More importantly, it's a neck breaker. Obviously, a holographic one piece will turn some heads, but the cut of this silver swimsuit will keep 'em turned. I don't care what the kids say...DISCO'S BACK BABY! I'm mean come on...would you rather go stand in a dark room with your shoes stuck to the floor thanks to "that guy" spilling his PBR all over the place; or go boogie on a light up dance floor under a disco ball? Upgrade your outfit from the same-ole-same-ole and live a little. Your mama didn't carry you around for 9 months just to hide what she gave you! I mean think about it, at the club a disco ball is always independent, the center of attention, and looking sexy af. Let this bodysuit transform you. Be the disco ball.  


Product Details

  • Runs small. Order one size larger
  • Deep backless cut with thin straps. Shows side boob for a sexy and trendy look
  • Cheeky back bottom to enhance your "ass"ets
  • 80% nylon, 20% spandex
  • Made in the USA
  • brand: Dippin Daisy's 


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