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If you look carefully, you can clearly see these bigfoot socks feature a real Sasquatch. Only an idiot would question the thousands of reports and HQ videos that have shown a living bigfoot.

My guess as to why we don't see 'em more often is because most Sasquatch dwell in northern Canada. Being the polite yetis they are, they hide to ensure no locals are startled. Sasquatch know that if they run into any humans, they'll have to apologize and then in turn apologize for apologizing too much. At that point, they'll have to invite the humans over for dinner which sucks because Uncle Sasquatch will definitely make it awkward by talking about referendum and how PM Trudeau is ruining foreign relations with faux pas after faux pas.

Product Details

  • 78% carded cotton, 20% nylon, 2% spandex
  • Shoe size: 7-13
  • brand: Aylnn


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