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Some may look at this and think, "Hey, I can eat an entire 8 lb bag  Skittles, throw up on myself like the rainbow Snapchat feature and no one will know because it blends into the fleece. Then there's you and probably 99% of the world population who will think nothing of the sort.

You'll see your favorite show from PBS, Reading Rainbows, that you used to watch teaching you pretty much nothing that you can remember at this day and age. But hey, you remember the show, which is what counts. Or you can have no idea what the hell I'm talking about and just see a neon fleece that looks like it was conceived in the 80s. 

Product Details

  • 100% extra fluffy polyester
  • 1/4 zip with placket zipper cover
  • Contrast Piping Accents
  • Ultra-soft Fleece Lining
  • Brand: Southern Marsh


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