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Before I get into the deets of this popsicle party suit, let me tell a little story. 

That classic Ice Cream Man jingle rings throughout the neighborhood. You immediately drop the remote. The Naked Brother Band can wait. You steal a crisp $10 bill from your mom's purse and run outside to buy as many Klondike Bars and Rocket Pops as your extremely tiny fingers can handle. You approach the holy land and see your best friend Trevor, who, of course, also heard that classic Ice Cream Man jingle and is patiently waiting for three Choco Tacos. If you had this ice cream suit, you would be set. But you were instead a youngin with no idea this teal suit exists. 

* Side Note: Personally, my brother usually just bought a Spongebob Pop and ate everything but those rock hard, flavorless gum ball eyes, which he gave to me.

Product Details

  • Teal Short Suit with Popsicle Print
  • Some real men have curves, some are thin as rails. Mix and match any size jacket with any size pant… only at Shinesty.
  • Material: 100% Polyester, 200% Awesome
  • Suit includes sports coat jacket, dress shorts, and tie
  • Brand: Opposuits


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