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For those of us whose pudgy looking faces and beer induced bodies only hit a 2 on the Richter scale, looking like a Georgia peach isn't really in the realm of realistic expectations. Luckily, Steve Jobs created a language spoken entirely through stock smiley faces and perfectly shaped poopies: The Emoji.  *editor's note: Emoji's started in Japan and Apple integrated them into the iPhones as an inroad to Japan. 

You've sent it to your mom, you've sent it to your girlfriend, you've "accidentally" sent it to your BFF Ana who despite all the hints has managed to trick you into thinking you aren't 6 months deep in the friend zone. Now it's time to send 'er straight to the party. 


Product Details

  • Lightweight foam costume
  • One size fits most

    "Shinesty is responsible for me receiving free drinks, and random women humping my leg!"

    Robert W.


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