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Stay Weird & Shine On


Woooweee! Howdy yall! Jimmy Speed here, proud to introduce to you my brand new mirrored macho 80's ski sunglasses, the most innovative, dirt nasty, kid stealin', wheelin' dealin', STAY IN YER LANE shades to ever smoke the streets of Daytona. You think yer gonna reach Mach 10 speeds with some fuggin' Ray-Ban's? You ever seen someone go boots to floor in a cherry red '71 Pantera Big Block in a pair of Maui Jims? Hell no! Slide these full-face, mirrored, no-fugs given ski sunglasses on to the dome, slap a Fig Newton's sticker on the front of em, grease up the dipstick and yer riding the wings of the mighty Peregrine Falcon to Talladega victory.

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Product Details

  • Revo Lenses
  • Hides 100% of dark circles
  • Polarized
  • Not Oakley goggle sunglasses
  • Versatile: These babies double as 80s sunglasses and ski sunglasses
  • Designed by Anna P. in Boulder, Co.
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