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We don't know much about Mardi Gras, but we figured as long as you at least look like you know everything about Fat Tuesday, you can avoid getting called out as a poser and spend your day drowning in Sazerac. Enter this killer combo green blazer, purple pants, and yellow bowtie. Wear this baby and absolutely nobody will question your dignity or fact, it may get you into some places you never thought you get into, like backstage at a Flogging Molly concert, or on top of a janky parade float, or even passed out in a dumpster. Long story short, you ain't looking like garbage in a classy blazer and bow tie, even if you are taking a trash nap. 

    Product Details

    • Brand: Shinesty
    • Designed in Boulder, CO
    • Material: Made of Premium 100% Polyester aka the type of material that makes you look like a gawd damn GQ model. 
    • Crafted with fully-fused front panels and collar, horsehair-canvas internal structuring
    • External double welt flap pockets and single welt chest pocket; four internal double welt pockets so you can stash cigars, flasks, or any other vices you deem necessary
    • Horn buttons that look so nice they'll make Ralph Lauren jealous
    • Longer hemmed pants for casual shoes


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