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  • Retro Ski Hat
  • Brand: Shinesty
  • Material: 100% Acrylic
  • Designed in Boulder, CO

I'm not going to spend much time getting into the details of this retro ski beanie. Instead, I will give you a story I wrote as part of my senior thesis. It is called "Bumps."

Bumps. They're a part of nature and a part of us. Some nights the bumps are bigger than other bumps, or a full line of bumps all ready to hit together. But the best thing about bumps is that they don't discriminate against race, religion, what you ate for 4th lunch or how many beers settled in your stomach. If Mother Nature wants to make bumps, then by god she's gonna give us the biggest moguls of snow we've ever seen and we're going to ride them like the rawhide rear of a Gypsy white thoroughbred.  

So strap on a yellow retro ski beanie that lets the world know what you love. Because what you love is big ol' bumps.

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