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Product Details

  • Brand: Shinesty
  • Materials: 63% Nylon, 37% Polyester
  • Model is wearing size S. 


 Carouse -verb. 1. Drink plentiful amounts of alcohol and enjoy oneself with others in a noisy, lively way

This windbreaker is fuggin' jumping to grab a 24 of Busch Light, a handle of McCormick's, and enough moonshine to blind a woman. No other name would have sufficed. There was a legend who drank bourbon by the barrel, whiskey like water, and beer like a bandit. Her name was Nana, and she used to sport a similar windbreaker. 

Now for the goods. It's waterproof so you can spray your bubbly all over the club with no regard for eye safety. It comes complete with a 1/4 zipper so you can show a little skin and sass. 

Shine On.

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