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Product Details

  • Brand: Shinesty
  • Mirror-finished
  • Fit-over or catarac sunglasses style
  • Shark gills for who knows what
  • UV protected


We all have come across one grandma who has proven she's not be to dicked with. I'm not talking about the grandma who gives you tin-can cheese and caramel popcorn at Christmas time. This grandma is much more venomous and pitiless.


She spends her days at the penny slots getting sloshed on Goldschlager until the staff has no choice but to cut her off.


She buys cigarettes by the carton, bourbon by the barrel, and could whip your ass sideways. She'd have no problem breaking a bull in.


The big body frame acts as a blinder for the heat-seeking missile that is your grandmother, which is aimed at demoralizing every participation ribbon you've ever achieved. 


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