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Product Details

  • Thick polar fleece construction, fleece hoody
  • Pockets, ribbed ankle & wrist cuffs
  • Emergency '2-Point Safety' flap built at the rear, you animals
  • 100% Polyester, officially licensed by NFL
  • Twill & embroidered logo (just like Official Jerseys) 


    The Lion's are a special team. So special in fact, they join only 3 other teams in the "we've never been to a Superbowl" club. Don't worry, Matthew Stafford is going to change that. And not with skill, but the instant he sees this Detroit onesie behind the uprights. Immediately, he'll realize he doesn't need Megatron to win, but instead a heart, soul, and dumper flap like this amazing garment. Most likely, the Lion's will then win the Superbowl, Eminem will write a song about them, Bob Seger will buy beers for the entire country, and Kid Rock will want a stake in the franchise, but his lame ass will get denied. Long story short, this Detroit Lions onesie for adults is changing the face of the Detroit Lions forever. 

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