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Product Details

  • Inflatable costume with 2 battery pack powered fans
  • Batteries not included
  • Small viewing hole in center of pacifier
  • Over 8" tall


This thing is insanely creepy, so if you're looking for something that's probably going to have you in handcuffs within 2 hours, look no further. As if babies weren't creepy enough, this thing is 8 ft tall, nearly naked and more than "visually" arresting. You'll probably come close to a knuckle sandwich at the bar, but it's illegal to hit kids, so slug your brew in peace.

Yes, it's a giant baby. Yes, it inflates. Yes, it's 10x creepier than you could ever imagine.

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"Shinesty is responsible for me receiving free drinks, and random women humping my leg!"

Robert W.

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