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  • Brand: Unisuit
  • Material: 80% Cotton, 20% Spandex
  • Designed in Boulder, CO
  • Model is wearing size M 


This is the spork of clothing. Others call them onesies, body condoms, or the pajama lord's great gift to the earth. They're so soft you'll never need underwear again because you're going to want to feel this softness all over your body. What we're trying to say is that these are acceptable anywhere, anytime, for any occasion, with state of the union addresses being numero uno.


Now, there's two zippers. One encloses your body so you immediately become sucked in a black hole you have no choice but to sleep for a while. The other, well, it's for your Rickle Wiggle and Shoot Around Boyz. Sorry, no crapper flap though.

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