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  • Some real men have curves, some are thin as rails. Mix and match any size jacket with any size pant…only at Shinesty.
  • Material: 100% Polyester, 200% Awesome
  • Model is wearing size US 40 Jacket and 32" Waist Pant
  • Suit includes sport coat jacket, dress pants, and tie
  • Brand: Opposuits


Some say all the words on this comic print suit represent onomatopoeia, ya know, words that sound like their meaning or some B.S. we were all taught in Language Arts class. Others say these words are a representation of corny punchlines for some after-coital small talk reminiscing about what just went down. Now we're not here to confirm or deny those claims, but you could go both ways with that. Another route would be to get all nostalgic about how sweet Calvin and Hobbes, Archie and Veronica, or all of those newspaper comic strips you used to read were.

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