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  • She's got a great body, but she's got some exhaust problems. (just like my ex)
  • *Comes with a broken down Dodge Ram 2500 Van named "PrimeTime" with a pullout futon made for shaggin'.
  • We have a rule that we only play Salsa music from 97.3 FM or your local Salsa station 
  • Can fit a hot tub
  • Not child-friendly although it's a school bus
  • Can hold 52 cases of Montucky Cold Snack beer
  • May have a few speeding tickets attached to the VIN number when we were high tailing it out of Lake Havasu.
  • Have to really smack the dashboard in the right spot to get her to purr and start.
  • Can make it through the Eisenhower Tunnel on I-70 in Colorado and Vail Pass, but not on the same trip. (she's got to cool off at that high altitude)
  • Takes 12 people to hot box.
  • No bumper stickers allowed. (You wouldn't slap a sticker on a Ferrari, so don't do it to this bus.)


My grandfather always told me, "it's not the size of the wand, but the magic that's in the stick." Yes, this Chevy 2500 Diesel bus is short in length but she's large in character. Although we still love her, it's come a time that we part ways. Sometimes love is funny like that. If you love her, you gotta let her go.

When you buy this bus, you aren't just buying a piece of history, you are buying a less than reliable vehicle filled with memories, high-speed chases, stale beer, our pack mule, our piece of heaven, our headache, our memory, our memory of memories. It's a bus that's banned from the Denver Flea Market, Lee Hill Elementary school, and the Boulder County Fair. 

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