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  • Thick polar fleece construction, fleece hoody
  • Pockets, ribbed ankle & wrist cuffs
  • Emergency '2-Point Safety' flap built at the rear, you animals
  • 100% Polyester, officially licensed by NFL
  • Twill & embroidered logo (just like Official Jerseys) 


For being one of the newest faces of the NFL, the Ravens have done a damn good job. With a healthy Harbough at coach, and 2 Superbowl wins under the belt, Ray Lewis must be feeling pretty good about himself. A little too good, if you ask me. Think about it. He basically created THE powerhouse team and now he's probably sitting on a massive La-Z-Boy draped in Versace mink sheets, sipping Moet through a straw watching highlights of himself in Super Bowl XLVII. That's where this men's Baltimore Ravens onesie slides in because it is those same Versace mink sheets Ray Lewis touches. It is the 2 rings he flexes and it is the emergency end zone when the offense rushes a little too hard. And by that we mean it's got a dumper flap so you ain't gotta take 'er off when you touch down on the toilet. 

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