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Product Details

  • Brand: B Fresh
  • Material: Polyethylene frames
  • Includes Aztec-printed croakie
  • Polarized lenses
  • Front Width: 5.8 inches/15cm
  • Front Height: 2.2 Inches/ 5.5cm
  • Arms: 5.8 inches/ 15 cm


These are the visor shades you want to bring home to mom but know she won't approve of. These are the shades that can pull off a "Hey Mister" in a liquor store parking lot. They're the shades that date a grade older. They play in the Pee-Wees when they should be in the Squirts. 

 What we're saying is these shades belong to those who play out of their league. They're a step above the rest and you'll have to throw them on to see for yourself.

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