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Product Details

  • Some real men have curves, some are thin as rails. Mix and match any size jacket with any size pant…only at Shinesty.
  • Material: 100% Polyester, 200% Awesome
  • Model is wearing size US 40 Jacket and 32" Waist Pant
  • Suit includes sport coat jacket, dress pants, and tie
  • Brand: Opposuits


 You are probably looking at this blood-splattered suit thinking to yourself, "Ok, for Halloween I get it, but that's really the only time I could wear this suit." You've got a point since it does make an excellent Halloween costume. However, this piece is also useful for a variety of other tasks including but not limited to: being a pasta chef, splatter-painting fire trucks, and drinking copious amounts of sweet berry wine. I know, a pasta chef, genius right? 

Suit includes jacket, pants, and tie. Great as a Halloween costume or a way to scare the hell out of the neighbor kids while calmly mowing the lawn.

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