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Compression Ball Hammock® Boxer Briefs For Vasectomies

“After 3 kids I decided to take myself out of the gene pool. I got snipped and these underwear are the best support briefs for a vasectomy that I found. My nuts hurt feel like Edward Scissorhands had his way with me but these make it bearable. Plus, my wife looked at me in a whole new way when she saw the Eagle on my knob and how big they made my nuts look…just replaced my entire underwear drawer” - Peter M, 2 days post-snip Shinesty Ball Hammock® Support Underwear are designed to support, never smash, your nuts…just like your Urologist recommended. The Ball Hammock® pouch technology keeps your pants plums upright and held tight so you can get rid of that old jock strap digging into your undercarriage. Plus, they’re made from 95% MicroModal, a.k.a. the second softest thing you can put your privates in, meaning sliding both baby balloons into these boxer briefs after your vasectomy will feel like resting your kumquats on a cloud. These are the best boxer briefs to wear every day before or after you get the snip.

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