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Men's Christmas Pants

Christmas is just around the corner and what better gift to give your loved ones than the Jackhawk 9000? Christmas pants. Now you’re probably asking yourself why anyone would buy holiday pants over a Jackhawk 9000. Good question. Because you can fit a lot of cutlery in a pair of ugly Christmas pants, so you could buy your whole family Jackhawk 9000s. Welcome to the Walmart of men's Christmas pants, where we’re slinging everything from holiday pants to Christmas plaid pants, all for your egg nog inducing exteriors to emphasize. (Jackhawk 9000 not included with Christmas pants purchase). I can't say it enough folks, come on over to our Christmas pants & Christmas slacks collection and make this holiday season much better than the rest.

Do Christmas like a Hero with Mens Christmas Pants

The Christmas heroes we’ve all grown to know and love cover the spectrum from the charming goofball Clark Griswald and his dim-witted sidekick Cousin Eddie to the fearless chainsmoker John McClane, but despite their widely varying degrees of bad-assery, they all have one thing in common: they put their Christmas pants on one leg at a time. Whether your favorite holiday hero wears Christmas plaid pants, red and green slacks, or tights and an elf costume instead of regular holiday pants, their men’s Christmas pants are unquestionably festive and more extreme than a basic pair of dress pants. Now you can upgrade your holiday wardrobe with the same level of enthusiasm as your favorite Christmas rebel. Even if you’re not up to manually troubleshooting an insane lights display or rescuing hostages from terrorists with nothing more than your reluctant brawn, you can still be a Christmas renegade in a pair of awesome holiday pants.

Wear Christmas Suit Pants and Party in Style

You can mix and you can match to find the combo that fits your holiday vibe, but no Christmas suit is complete without a pair of men’s Christmas pants. It turns out most places won’t even let you in the door without a pair of slacks on your lower half, and you should know it’s not for a lack of trying. Plus, considering that the ability to suit up for any given occasion has always been part of what separates the men from the boys, a pair of holiday pants will set you apart from the others and practically guarantee that you’re not the only lord a-leaping who ends up without one of those eleven ladies dancing. Speaking of the ladies, it probably goes without saying, but a pair of ugly Christmas pants is the perfect complement to the dick in a box you’ve been saving for that special someone on your list. Pair those holiday pants with a turtleneck and a fat gold chain, and you’re all set for a night that’s sure to be anything but silent. So get your legs into a pair of red and green Christmas plaid pants or some other kind of ugly Christmas pants, because this Christmas is gonna be one big pants party, and you’re all invited.

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