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Printed Suits

Mens printed suits, yeah they’re a thing now, and you’re staring down the barrel of the largest collection of them known to mankind. Artfully constructed and meticulously designed, these printed suits are like a modern day Siren’s call. Yeah, a printed suit in the wild will produce an onslaught of onlookers, it’s been documented. Here’s how they’re made. Back in the day you’d pick a bunch of flowers from a field, weave them together into some terrible looking sheath and call it a day. Today our designers artfully form each print, so when they craft a mens floral print blazer or floral print suit, you can rest assured it won’t wilt, ever. No seriously, it’s a high-end poly, so these things have a half life of like 10,000 years as long as you don’t puke on it.

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But Bryan is.

This man has been looking for love in all the wrong places, but today's a special day, because you've found love in a hopeless place.

Feel free to profess your love in an email to him at, or if you're feeling especially cavalier, then go DM slidin' straight into his inbox @brpandorf.

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