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New Year's Eve Suits & Jackets For Men

This is it, this is our moment. We’ve dedicated our entire lives to trying to convince people to wear suits on holidays when they ordinarily wouldn’t wear suits. But now we don’t have to do any convincing, because guess what? You need a New Year's Eve suit for a holiday where a suit is expected and boom. Whatya get? A men's New Year’s Eve blazer. They’re fresh, they’re fierce, and they’ll have you fired up for the only holiday that if you pass out before midnight you might not know what year it is when you wake up. Get your New Year’s Eve suit, Rip Van Winkel.

Make New Year's Eve a formal event in these NYE suits!

Let’s not have another night of crudité and veggie dip. Of watching Ryan Seacrest as he kills time for oh so many hours before the ball drops, sucking the fun out of the room through the TV... A bad New Year’s Eve party is worse than pulling teeth, slower than waiting for your own balls to drop. Ditch all that, it’s time to treat New Years Eve like the formal occasion that it is. The rule of thumb is: if you dress up, good times will follow. A man in a patterned blazer and a bow-tie doesn’t have bad nights. Class things up with these men’s New Year’s Eve blazer. Then grab your martini, shaken not stirred, dirty with a twist, and beer back, Miller, banquet not lite, because this is the high life. Then waltz into the party like you own the place, and like you know how to waltz. Tell a funny quip at someone else’s expense. Don’t turn anyone away who seeks your New Year’s Eve suit ideas. Let people fall in love with you as they please, admirers are a dime a dozen in a New Year’s Eve suit. And then maybe visit the bar again.

Feeling a mix of fancy and fun? Check out a these New Year's Eve Suits from Shinesty.

How do you feel right now? Are you feeling fun? Are you feeling fancy? You don’t need years of therapy to figure out that the answer to both of these should be yes. Freud would kick himself if he knew he could have just prescribed his patients a men’s New Year’s Eve blazer. He wouldn’t have had to listen to all their dreams and stuff either. We’re sorry we didn’t get working on these New Year’s Eve suit ideas sooner. Speaking of dreams though, we had a dream. One in which you looked incredible. The epitome of class, charm, and funny, endearing wit. How you ask? Have you not been paying attention? Obviously with these men’s New Year’s Eve blazers. I mean, come on, we softballed that one in to you. We’re blatantly marketing our products to you. Maybe you do need professional help. Yeah, our help. And we’ve got you covered, literally with slacks, blazers, ties and bow-ties. As they always say, the best medicine is to just dress up.

Need Suit Ideas for New Year's Eve?

‘Need suit ideas for New Year’s Eve?’ is a rhetorical question. We know what you need and you don’t that’s why we’re on this end of your browser selling you incredible men’s New Year’s Eve blazers and you’re on your side of the browser unsure of which one to buy. Here’s a hint: these New Year’s Eve suits. Why? Because fortune favors the bold. Remember the Tuxedo with Jackie Chan? It was fun for the whole family. In it he found a blazer that allowed him to dance, moon walk and do kung fu. Yeah, it was pretty wild and guess what? It was based off our New Year’s Eve suit ideas. Hollywood didn’t have the technology to make the suit as advanced as ours, versatile enough to help you achieve fancy and fun simultaneously. Funny enough, you don’t have to be an A-lister to get your hands on these NYE suits, bow-ties, or slacks. You just need to be here, exactly where you already are, and bold enough to add to cart.

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