Men's Ball Hammock® Pouch Trunk Underwear

Do you find briefs too short? Do you find boxer briefs too long? Good news! Our ...

Trunks Underwear: These Ones Are Just Right

Let me tell you a story: Once upon a time there was a girl named Goldicocks who was wandering through the forest and came upon a cabin. Feeling amorous, Goldicocks let herself into the house to pick a lover from the three men who lived inside. The three men eagerly stripped down to their underwear to help her make her decision. Goldicocks approached the first man, and looked him up and down. The man was wearing Ball Hammock Long Leg Boxer Briefs. "The legs on that underwear are too long," thought Goldicocks. The second man was wearing Ball Hammock Briefs. "The legs on that underwear are too short," thought Goldilocks. The third man was wearing Ball Hammock Trunks Underwear. "Now this pair…The amount of leg he's showing off is just right. Let's go, big boy." They went upstairs for some privacy so this fairy tale could have a happy ending.

Ball Hammock Trunks Underwear: Show The World You Don't Skip Leg Day

The shorter inseam on our Ball Hammock mens short boxer briefs accentuates your package by giving onlookers less fabric to get distracted by. Yes, when you wear men's trunk underwear, all eyes will be on your one-eyed monster. And you know he loves the attention. These Ball Hammock short leg boxer briefs show off your quads, hammies, and accentuate your glutes. You spend hours in the gym working on your legs (the hardest place to add mass, by the way) so don't hide them from the world with long leg boxer briefs. FYI, if you DO ever fall off the wagon and start skipping leg day we also offer long leg boxers to hide your shame. But in the meantime, flaunt ‘em if you got ‘em with Ball Hammock men's short boxer briefs.