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American Flag Sweatshirts

For anyone who enjoys listening to holidays tunes with a piping hot mug of the patriotic soup that crafted the USS Massachusetts a.k.a. The “Big Mamie”, we present a collection of USA sweatshirts capable of keeping you warm and toasty through the coldest of wars. Whether we’re landing on the moon first, or holding more olympic medals than any other country*, Shinesty’s got the American flag sweaters to stand up to the toughest winter conditions, like a bald eagle clawing at the face of a commie, sickle wielding bear. *technically Norway has more winter olympic medals than us, but we invented toaster streudels, roombas, and fast food so we’ll call this one a tie.

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This man has been looking for love in all the wrong places, but today's a special day, because you've found love in a hopeless place.

Feel free to profess your love in an email to him at, or if you're feeling especially cavalier, then go DM slidin' straight into his inbox @brpandorf.

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