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American Flag Socks

A fox in American flag socks kicked some rocks into a box. Unfortunately that’s all I gots. If you’ve found yourself on this page, you are looking at the biggest, baddest collection of patriotic socks on the interwebs. You’ll find it all below: American flag dress socks, USA socks that are similar in nature to patriotic dress socks only less flag-like, and red, white, and blue socks that are made up of various combinations and permutations of those three distinct colors you people search for so intently. Wait, wait that’s not it, we got some stars and stripes socks to boot. Yup, a boot. I went there.

Rock Out With Your Socks Out in Patriotic Socks

Did you know wearing novelty socks like American flag socks or other patriotic socks can make wearing shoes even more pleasurable? Even though it can be a little awkward to talk about, it’s important that you remember to use socks every time you wear shoes. An occasion like the 4th of July BBQ at your hot neighbor’s house is a great opportunity to wear American flag socks, so we’re going to talk today about USA socks and other kinds of red white and blue socks. Patriotic socks work just like regular socks, but a brief tutorial about the correct way to use socks may be helpful to some of our readers.

Hang an American Flag Sock on the Bedroom Doorknob

It’s important to get your American flag socks ready before you think you might decide to wear shoes. Nothing is worse than awkwardly scrambling for a pair of socks while your partner is ready to go. When you take your USA socks out of the package, you should first check for any holes that might prevent the socks from working properly. With your throbbing, wanton foot completely rigid, simply unroll those stars and stripes gently onto your foot from the tip all the way to the ankle, leaving a little space at the top to prevent rubbing. If your foot isn’t cooperating, don’t panic; just give it a little rub and try again. Once the American flag sock is completely unfurled on your foot, you’re ready to wear shoes. You should keep the socks on your feet the entire time you’re wearing shoes, and be sure to use a clean pair of patriotic socks every time.

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