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American Flag Overalls for Men and Women

Back on old man Rivers’ farm we had a couple ground rules that we lived by: 1. None of them sissy city slicker selfies allowed 2. No clear liquor unless it’s those Cooper brothers’ moonshine 3. We only drink those Cooper brothers’ moonshine 4. The official outfit of the working woman or man is American flag overalls; freedom, function, farmin’. Now I’m not here to tell you that you have to the by the Rivers’ farm creed, but I will tell you that it makes life a whole lot better real quick. Don’t believe me? Try on a pair of these men & women's red, white, and blue USA overalls and tell me that old man Rivers’ and them Cooper boys ain’t onto something.

Super Fuggin' American Overalls

Odds are you don’t have many red, white, and blue overalls, but you best bet your bucksnot it’s time to change that and experience the sexually liberating freedom of comfort this magnificent men’s and women’s fashion staple provides. You already share their affinity for homemade jerky, boobs, and spontaneous chants of “USA! USA!” so take a cue from legendary American fashion heroes Ricky Bobby and the West Virginia Ninja and slide your fine American ass into a pair of USA overalls.

American Flag Overalls for more than ninjas and NASCAR

Not badass enough, you say? Not “America” enough for you? It might interest you to learn that these American flag overalls were inspired by a vision of none other than Chuck mother flipping Norris and Ruth Bader Ginsburg wearing red, white, and blue USA overalls and racing grizzly bears through the Grand Canyon. The race was a tie, and was followed by a celebratory BBQ with an obnoxiously elaborate fireworks display. It doesn’t get more “America” than that. So just relax, baby. Go ahead and strap one on in the name of freedom. We’ll hold your beer.

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